Season Butler

Live Art Workshop

Workshop One: Fri 1 Feb 5.30-8.30pm | The Yard, M15 5RF | FREE

Informal group session: Tue 26 Feb, 6-9pm | The Yard, M15 5RF | FREE

Workshop Two: Wed 6 Mar 5.30-8.30pm | STUN Studio at Z-arts, M15 5ZA | FREE

Live Art Workshop
This is a practice based series of sessions focusing on developing the beginnings of a new piece of solo work, with an opportunity to work informally as a group between workshops.
nb. People new to Divergency are welcome to attend, but we would ask that you commit to all three sessions.

The term “Live Art” embraces a tremendous range of practices in terms of form, duration, tone and content. It leaps, it bleeds, it sits stark still for hours and days on end. It shouts, it sings, it recites poetry, it smashes guitars, it types code and shreds texts. And it attracts a fantastically diverse audience base, many of them looking for something different…

Workshop One of this workshop starts with the unique perspective of the artist, drawing on the well of resources our identities, experiences and ambitions for the world. From there, we will explore some practical exercises to generate and refine ideas for performance. This should give participants a strong foundation for building a new piece of work and fresh approaches to their practice.

Workshop Two will focus on refining work, taking it from the studio to the stage, the street or wherever else your performance comes to life. This session will ask the work what it needs from the space, materials and contexts at the artist’s disposal, interrogate what is missing, what elements might be unnecessary and what could be getting in the way of the work reaching its full potential. We will also discuss strategies for reaching our ideal venues and audiences, and how to make the work flexible enough to roll out across a variety of contexts. Finally, this session will consider the value of thinking strategically about feedback and documentation well in advance, for the benefit of the evolution of individual pieces of work and also towards the goal of building a long term live art practice.

About Season Butler
Season Butler is a writer, artist, dramaturg and lecturer. Her recent work has appeared in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Latvian National Museum of Art, Barbican Centre and Tate Exchange. She was one of the first recipients of the Live Art UK Diverse Actions Leadership Bursaries (2017), and was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Prize for Fiction by Black and Asian women in 2014. Her debut novel, Cygnet, will be published in spring 2019.

Season Butler | @season_butler
Image credit: Christa Holka

To join the workshop:
If you are an artist of colour, experienced, emerging or just plain curious about exploring live art, we would love for you to join us. To request a place, please email us at

Current Events

Fri 1 Feb, 5.30-8.30pm. FREE | The Yard
Live Art Workshop Session 1
Tue 26 Feb, 6-9pm. FREE | The Yard
Live Art Workshop informal group working
Wed 6 Mar, 5.30-8.30pm. FREE | STUN Studio at Z-arts
Live Art Workshop Session 2